Photo Shoot - My Family

As the one always holding the camera, I don't often get in on the pictures I take of my family.  Both of my stepkids are getting married later this year and I wanted to try and get a family picture with everyone in normal clothes.  I know we'll have plenty of picture opportunities at both weddings, but I think documenting the times all of us are together is pretty important.  They're going to be fewer and farther between as time goes on. We dressed up and went out to a great location.  The weather was beautiful.  I got the tripod set up and suddenly we had this:

Now, you have to understand that G-Man is one of the most easy-going kids around.  Even if he does get upset, we can usually distract him and cheer him up.  Not so that day.  It was tough. This was our best family picture - between G-Man and me setting the focus wrong on the tripod (lesson learned) we didn't have many to choose from.  It's not bad, I just don't love it as much as the other pictures I took later.

Like these pictures of the kids with their fiances.  I love these pictures:

And I love these pictures I took near the end of the shoot of my dad and stepmom with G-Man and my niece Macy:

Lesson learned here? When I want to be in the picture, I need to hand the camera to another person if I want to love the photos. More photos tomorrow.