G-Man and the Chalk

It's finally getting warm in New England.  Not flip-flop warm, but warm enough to go outside and play for a little while in the afternoons. We're sticking pretty close to the house when we go outside these days.  We like to shovel, throw rocks, run up and down the stairs.  The other day, I thought I would break out the sidewalk chalk I bought him last summer, but that he never quite figured out how to use.  He would carry it around in his arms and try to hoard as many pieces of it as possible, but he never quite learned to color with it.  He figured it out.  Now, all he wants to do is color.  So cute...



In the top right and bottom left pictures in this collage, he's showing me the chalk and saying, "Ta-Da!"  It sounds more like "Too-Da!"  I really need to record him saying it.


My favorite shot: