Susan Stripling Workshop

I had the opportunity to attend a fantastic workshop last month.  Susan Stripling is an award-winning wedding photographer in Brooklyn.  She makes stunning photos and does an amazing job with light.  She creates beautiful, compelling pictures and just bends the light to her will.  (Look at this recent wedding.  It's beautiful stuff. If you have time, keep scrolling through her work. You'll love it.) I've been following Susan's blog for a while and I've been wanting to attend a workshop for a while.  So when Susan announced she was doing workshops from her home in Brooklyn, I signed up.

It was a cold, rainy day, so unfortunately we didn't get to shoot outside much.  I would normally love an overcast day because I could shoot anywhere, but that's not the way Susan shoots and that was what I was there to learn - shooting in any light.  But you can't shoot in any light when there is no light.  We did run outside for about 20 minutes when the rain let up to shoot with our adorable engaged couple that came to model for us.

First, a few of Susan in action.  She was showing us some off camera flash techniques.  I love the groom's face in the bottom picture when she's showing them the pictures. And the bride's dress?! Fabulous!

Susan Stripling Workshop

We all took turns with the flash transceiver attached to our cameras. And when we could, we got a few of our own shots in between. I think our couple felt like they were being stalked by the paparazzi!

Susan Stripling couple 1

Susan Stripling couple 3

This was my favorite picture of the entire day. I made it while I was using the off camera flash.  I liked it when I saw it on the back of my camera, but when I downloaded it later, I LOVED it!

Susan Stripling couple 2

We also did some shooting inside with small video lights as backlight. I really liked these two:

Susan Stripling couple 4

Susan Stripling couple 5

I'm so glad I went to this workshop. It was a great first workshop for me and really set my expectations and standards high as I look for workshops to attend in the future. Susan shared so much information with us, but she also shared so much of herself. It was refreshing and fun.  And the most valuable thing I gained was a sense of confidence that I could really accomplish my goals in this field.  Check Susan's blog for future workshops, including one coming up later this month in Bend, Oregon.