Photo Shoot - Wade Foster

Wade is a dear friend of mine.  I've known him for about 13 years and I try to hang out with him whenever I get to NYC.  He's hilarious, thoughtful, talented and loyal and has helped me through a lot of good times and bad times through the years.  I have some great memories with him.  Though, I don't always get to meet up with him when I go to NYC.  You see, Wade is an AMAZING singer.  He is a regular singer and performer on Princess Cruise Lines, and is going back out on a contract this summer.  But don't hate him because he's got more talent in his little finger than most people dream of having and he's traveled all over the world on beautiful cruise ships... I took some headshots for Wade while I was in town - performers always need headshots, and I love to take them!

Wade Foster - Headshot 1

Wade Foster - Headshot 2

Are the baby blues killin' you yet?

Wade Foster - Street 4

After the headshots were done, I had Wade model a bit for me so I could practice some of the backlighting techniques we talked about at the workshop I attended.  We had to wait for some random people to walk past us first...

Triple Take

Wade Foster - Street 3

Wade Foster - Street 2

Wade Foster - Street 1

Wade - I think you're wonderful and I appreciate your hospitality and kindness.  You're a gem.  I love your face.