Photo Shoot - The Takemoto Family

You may remember my super cute friends from their sneak peek I posted a few weeks ago.  Well, I've been working on some of the family's favorite pictures from our photo session, and I needed to post more.  You all need to experience the cuteness that is the Takemoto family.



R. found such a great location.  This is a park in Vienna where they had gone with some friends and she knew it would be a great spot for pictures.  Isn't this little (well, not so little) tea set cute?


I love this series of L. & A. together.  I can't believe they are getting so big!  They are such good friends and so sweet with each other.

BlTakemotoFamily-36 blTakemotoFamily-39


Love this picture of R and her girls.  So adorable.


And I absolutely love this one of S.  What a sweet face.


My best memory/best photography lesson of the day - use mom or dad to help the kids do something so they have natural smiles on their faces. I have a lot of things I do when interacting with kids. All kids are different, and some take longer to warm up to me than others. S. wasn't sure what I was all about at first, and it took him a long time to warm up to me and interact with me. R. is an AMAZING singer (And she is also a phenomenal voice teacher.  If you're in Northern Virginia and are looking for a voice teacher, click on the "Contact Me" link in the menu above and I'll get you in touch with her.) and sings with her kids all the time, so she started singing an action song they sing together at home. They all perked up and had the most fabulous, natural expressions on their faces. And as I've said before, my favorite shots are the ones that show relationships and who the subjects are, not just what they look like. This photo is a great example of that. This is who the kids are at this age and at this moment. And I love it.


P.S. Editing these pictures is getting me very excited for upcoming outdoor shoots!  Check back next week for a special announcement regarding spring photo shoots!