Personal Work - Washington DC LDS Temple (Part 2)

See the first set of pictures in this series here. As I was coming down the stairs to get pictures closer to the temple, I saw my brother and nephew coming toward me. My brother was really excited because he thought the light on the East side of the temple looked nice and he thought he had found me a good shot.

He did.

Washington DC Temple - 8

Washington DC Temple - 5

These shots are taken from the East side of the temple and around the back of the temple. I used a similar edit on these next two pictures. I decided to try a more faded out look. I don't usually love faded or vintage editing techniques, but I do like that this edit makes the building look softer and a bit brighter.

Washington DC Temple - 7 Washington DC Temple - 6

I love when a black and white picture turns out the way I picture it in my head.

Washington DC Temple - B&W