Photo Shoot - Vick Kids

We did the photo shoot for Store & Style at co-founder Christine Vick's house.  (And may I just say, her home is a testament to the principles they teach at Store & Style.  Her home is an organized, lovely, efficient and calming space.) She has children that are around G-Man's age, and they all had a great time playing together.  I took the camera in the backyard when we were done with the photo shoot to capture some images of Christine's youngest kids. First, Miss S.  You'll recognize her from the picture in the teacher gift article.  She's such an expressive little thing and just a delightful girl.

V Family - S. four opening

She didn't always want to look at me...

V Family - S.

V Family - S.2

But I'm so glad I got some shots like this where she was looking! Can you believe how beautiful those eyes are? (And yes, they really are that blue.)

Mr. S. grows inches each time I see him.  He loves Thomas the Tank Engine and playing with his siblings.  He is very sweet, definitely opinionated and loves to be outside.

V Family - Sa. Swing

Mr. S. wasn't so sure how he felt about me at first when he first noticed the camera in front of my face.

V Family - Sa. glare V Family - Sa.

It took some time, but I almost got a smile out of him in the end...

V Family - Sa. triptych

Thanks for a fun morning, Vick family!