Photo Shoot - The Linders

My friend (or as we refer to each other, BFF) Dana called me a couple weeks ago with a great idea.  Their oldest daughter A. is being baptized a member of our church today, and she wanted to have A.'s picture taken.  Dana was inspired by some portraits she saw in another family's home.  Each child had been photographed with the father and child dressed in white near the ocean.  We went to Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester to create some portraits in honor of this special day for their family. Diggity and I decided to make a day of it with G-Man and planned to stay and play and have lunch at the beach afterward.  The Linders had the same plan.  It was a beautiful day when we left our homes and we were getting excited to play at the beach.

The closer we got to the beach, the cloudier it got.  When we finally reached the North Shore area, the clouds had turned to fog.  When we got to the beach, the shore was completely fogged in.  Foghorn-blowing-fogged-in.  Dana was disappointed that the pictures wouldn't work and it was pretty chilly.  I decided to give it a try and if they didn't turn out, we'd come back another day and reshoot.

They turned out.

A. on the shore


Miss A.


Twirling Family

Linders - kissing

Dad & A.

Daddy's little girl

Walking the shore

Going into the water

Fun with dad

Dad & A on the shore

Happy couple

Time with mom

I love the pictures.  Dana loves the pictures.  In fact, I'm supposed to order foggy weather for the rest of the Linder children baptism portraits.  :)  I'm excited to hear what Rob and A. think.  Diggity and I are so sad we couldn't be there for the baptism, but we are in Texas for the wedding of Diggity's son.  I hope you have a wonderful day, A.