Chris & Heather's Wedding Rehearsal

Diggity's son Chris got married this weekend.  We're still in Dallas wrapping up the celebration.  It was a beautiful weekend - meticulously planned with all the details taken care of in advance so everyone could enjoy spending the day together. I had my camera at the rehearsal the night before and was able to take a few pictures I wanted to share:

Little buddies

My brother and nephew came to celebrate the weekend with us. We're so glad they were able to come. We love seeing them and they're a blast to hang out with. Plus, my brother was nice enough to play kid wrangler at several critical points during the weekend. We really appreciated his help. G-Man was one of the ring bearers, but once his rehearsal duties were complete, it was tough to keep him from running laps around the church. Luckily, he and M. got to play outside. They found some fire ants in that rock pile they are playing in below, but no harm was done.


Chris' sweet little cousin A. was the flower girl. She did an excellent job.

Flower Girl listening

Her proud parents and little brother watching the rehearsal:

Aunt and Uncle look on

My view looking down parents' row:

Parents listening to rehearsal

It was a very special ceremony. That handsome officiant is Diggity's dad. He is a regional leader for our church in Canada and received permission to perform the ceremony in Texas. Chris was pretty excited to have his grandfather marry the two of them. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with advice for Chris and Heather.

Bride and Groom with Officiant

And isn't this the cutest ringbearer you've ever seen??