Temple Square - Salt Lake City, Utah


Last month when we were visiting Utah for the funeral of Diggity's grandma, we went to Temple Square with the entire family. Some of Diggity's out of town relatives had never been to Utah before and wanted to see it, so we headed up on Sunday afternoon. I took some photos of the temple itself, but I also took a whole bunch of pictures of the family as we explored the grounds.

I love this one of G-Man and Diggity playing outside the Tabernacle.

Fun with Daddy

It was such a beautiful day, and the grounds were so lovely, several family members asked me to take portraits of them in front of the flowers. First, two of Diggity's sisters and then Diggity joining in:


And then, Diggity joining in uninvited.

Goofy Brother and Lovely Sisters

Diggity also jumped into a picture with Heather and Chris:

I Love My Family!

Then we got some more casual portraits taken:

Temple Square Portraits

I love these pictures of Diggity and Amanda:

Daddy's Girl

After our visit to Temple Square, some of the group made a run to the airport to drop people off and the rest of us went to eat lunch. During lunch, G-Man had a pretty awful diaper blowout. Completely ruined his shorts. And since I'm out of the habit of carrying spare clothes for him, we were stuck going to buy some new shorts for him at a nearby store. I got the least expensive shorts I could find and hurried to dress the poor boy. Unfortunately, these shorts didn't have an adjustable waist. Because the boy is so tall and skinny, I have to get pants that have an adjustable waist in order for them to stay up. So, he spent the rest of the afternoon with his pants falling off, or pulled up to his chest, old-man style.

This is the Place Monument We went to see This is the Place monument on the way home, and G-Man discovered dandelions. Between the cuteness of that and the cuteness of the shorts falling down, I took a lot of pictures of him. Here are some favorites:

Dandelions and Old Man Pants

Losing the Old Man Pants