A Breakfast Story

8:51 a.m. G-Man was enjoying a lovely breakfast on Friday morning.

Beautiful Morning

The world was his oyster.  His Cheerios were delicious.  His banana already consumed.

Then, he noticed the camera.

Not only did mom have her camera out, but there was a bright, new light at the top of it (an SB-600.  I'm quite excited.  I only wish it had arrived one day earlier for reasons I will elaborate on later).

His beautiful morning quickly became a terrible morning.

To illustrate how quickly, I give you the following collage.  The top left hand picture in this collage was taken at 8:52:08 a.m., the bottom right hand picture at 8:53:35 a.m.

15 Seconds

Poor kid.

8:53:37 a.m. Morning ruined.

No More Pictures!

All because mom got a (super sweet) new flash.