Photo Shoot - Daddy Daughter Prom

I love photography.  I love it the most when I have the opportunity to use it to help people I care about.  In this instance, it was the some of the girls I teach music to at church.  The 8-11 year old girls have a special activity every couple of weeks and this past week, their activity was a "Prom" with their dads.  They prepared corsages and boutonnieres and art exhibits and brought refreshments and dressed up for their special date night.  I was the official prom photographer and was so excited to be there and take pictures of the girls with their dads. I love the way they all turned out.  Especially with the border.  Such cute girls with their dads.

Prom Queen E. (who is moving in a couple weeks) had a wonderful stand-in dad for the night.  R. is a great friend and when E. invited him to the prom because her dad is working overseas, he ended up with a double date.  There were a lot of double dates that night - almost all the dads have two daughters in the class.

One poor dad got ditched by his daughter when it was time for pictures:

But she came around and decided to join him.  They totally rocked the "Sadie Hawkins" dance pose, didn't they?

I had to get one shot of all the girls with their fabulous teacher.

But I have to say, this last shot is my favorite.  G-Man wanted in on the photo action as well.  He was sitting by me while I was shooting, and I was starting to pack up when he stood up and said, "My turn!" and walked up to the balloon arch to pose.  These days, anytime he will willingly get in front of my camera, I'm taking a picture!