Photo Shoot - Robison Kids

We are going to miss the Robisons. They are going to be moving to China and we're so sad to see them go. I had one last chance to take some photos with them last week.  I came across a new location that I love as I was driving around with G-Man, so we went back for this photo shoot at sunset last Monday.  I think this was the only day last week that it didn't rain!  Thank goodness!

Taking a Break

They love their brother

I try to come up with fun, natural poses for my pictures.  I usually give my clients something to do and then I start shooting pictures.  However, I really love it when my clients come up with their own ideas for poses.  Once I got these guys started, it was hard to stop them!  They really came up with some fun ideas.



Picking flowers


N. & A. are so tough.  Don't mess with them.

They're tough...


Aren't they the cutest sisters?


This is my favorite shot of the night.  The light was fantastic and we caught a beautiful sunset.

Siblings at sunset

Thanks, Robisons!  A few more individual photos of each kid tomorrow.