Photo Shoot - Robison Kids Individual Shots

In addition to the group shots I did of the kids, I also took individual shots. I promised N. some pictures once he got his braces off, and we haven't had a chance until now to take them. Check out that grin!


I really love taking headshots during portrait sessions.  It's an easy, relaxed pose, and it looks great on everyone.


N. - headshot



K. loves to pose.  I was laughing pretty hard at the poses she was coming up with as I was taking pictures.  She loves a prop too.

K. in the Flowers

K. headshot

I was impressed with all four of them. They are all comfortable being themselves in front of the camera.

Look out Tyra!

A. in the Flowers



E. - sky

More K. on the grass

K. on the grass

And I'll finish with a shot that just fits K.'s personality perfectly...

Upside Down