Photo Shoot - Maternity Portraits for Emily

We've been on the move!  G-Man and I are in Utah right now for my stepdaughter's wedding and to do photo shoots for some clients here.  Last weekend, we were in Washington DC to visit my brother and his family and to celebrate the 4th of July.  It's been busy, but lots of fun. If you've read my blog for a while, you've seen this fabulous family before.  My sister-in-law Emily is expecting her third child in September and we're all very excited for them.  I was thrilled when Emily asked if we could go to a nearby park and take some maternity portraits of her.  I was proud of her too.  As women, we're always so critical of our appearance in pictures.  I remember when I was pregnant with G-Man, we had family portraits taken at a local mall.  The photographer asked if Diggity and I wanted our picture taken.  I was ginormous and wasn't so excited about that, and the typical maternity portrait poses are just not reflective of my personality.  But as I thought about it, I decided it was a good idea to document it.  I don't love the pose the photographer put us in, but I love that you can see in our faces how excited we were for G-Man to show up and join our family.

So, this isn't the traditional maternity session of Emily.  There are no pictures of her gazing into the distance, cradling her stomach.  That's not reflective of who she is.  But, you do see what a cute little pregnant lady she is, and you can clearly see her excitement for this baby to join their family and how much she loves her family.

E. Maternity Portrait 4

E. Maternity Portrait 3

As we were shooting, we started joking about how the typical maternity portrait sessions just don't fit Emily's personality. She decided to strike one of them in jest, and then we ended up with a really cute photo of her as a result. Having fun

We also took a lot of pictures of Emily with her boys.

Going on a walk Point to the baby Close up

M. was not always a happy and willing participant in these pictures. He's so cute.

E. & the guys

Running with Mom

E. Maternity Portrait 1

E. Maternity Portrait 2

As the boys ran around me in circles, I got some cute pictures of them too.

The Boys Brothers

M. Running I.

E. Strikes a pose

M. & E.

I love this next series. Emily asked the boys to show her where the baby was. Look at M. on the right...

Where's the baby? Love it. He's such a hilarious kid.

Loving Mommy

When I saw this picture, all the things I wrote about on Whitney's blog came back to mind. This is obviously not a traditional, lovely family portrait. M. is melting down, I. is watching, and Matt is laughing. But Emily looks so happy to me. She has an expression of "This is my family, and sometimes this is what happens and I just adore them" on her face. At least that's how I read her expression. :)

She loves her family...

And finally, we had to get some photos of the boys with the sticks they were playing with the entire time I was shooting.

Boys in the Trees

Grammy requested a collage of this next series. Here you go, Grammy:

Boys & Sticks

Thank you, Emily. I had a wonderful time making and working on these pictures. I'm proud of you and thrilled to meet the baby.