Photo Shoot - Pettingill Family

You know those friends you've known since you were tiny?  Practically since you were born?  The Pettingills are that family for us.  Our moms were college roommates.  Our dads are great friends.  We love to get together with them and I adore them all.  I was thrilled to get to take some portraits for them a couple weeks ago. We met up at the Lagoon Trail in Farmington - a favorite spot for the moms and cousins to meet up and take walks. (This is a picture heavy post - I photographed three families and I have a LOT of favorites. Consider yourself warned...)

We started out with a little running...

C Running

Then a little walk down the trail...

Holding Hands do some family group shots.

A.P. Family

K. P. Family

We climbed some rocks...

A & M

Walked across some bridges...

A.P. Family on the Bridge

K.P. Family on the Bridge

A & H

Climbed some fences...

A & H

C on the fence

...and ate some candy.

A Eats a Lollipop

I made sure to get some pictures of the couples on their own...

J & A - Tree

K & S

J & A

...and of the siblings (though we're missing two - one lives in Nevada and the other one SLEPT IN.) (Love ya, M!)

Pettingill Kids

And after my guest post at Dare to Dream last month, I've embarked on a photographic mission - every time I have a photo shoot, I'm going to take an individual picture of the mom with each of her children.

Like these:

K and Kids

A & Mom

C & Mom

M & Mom

A & Mom

The most amazing thing of all is to see kids that I grew up with raising kids of their own.  And they're great parents. It's neat to see.  Especially when I catch glimpses of them acting like the person I've always known.

K & M - You've got some gorgeous grandchildren, don't you think? (Again, we're missing four gorgeous grandchildren. Hopefully, I'll catch them on the next trip.)







Pettingills & Barlows - Thanks for getting up early on a Saturday to come shoot with me.  It's always a joy to see you and I have such great memories of this morning with you.  Love you!