Photo Shoot - Randall Family

I'm about to kill you with cuteness. Seriously.

R Family Collage

I had such a good time shooting with these kids. They were so much fun to work with.

R Kids on Path

This one is about to turn 12. Her aunt and I agree that her parents should mess up her hair, put braces on her, and lock her in her room until she's 25. Such a beautiful girl!


They're all wonderful kids, but this one is the sweetheart of the family. Can't you tell?


The lone boy - smack dab in the middle. He's so much fun.


And, as I'm sure you can tell, total mischief, spark and joy coming from this one.


Finally, the youngest. Lots of attitude and spunk, and perfectly willing to smile for lollipops.


I loved this bridge series so much, I had to put it in a collage.

Kids on the Bridge

When their aunt saw this next picture, she laughed and said, "Yep! That's pretty much their personalities right there."

R Kids

Hearing that always makes me happy.

Mom was there too, and I had warned her ahead of time of my mom-with-kids-photographic-mission.

R Kids with Mom

We took a bunch of shots of her with each child alone. I love these. As I was editing them, I was struck by how each set of pictures seemed to reflect her personal relationship with each child. The way they are sitting together, the way they look at each other - it's striking. What was even more interesting, is that when I was showing their aunt the pictures, she said the same thing. With no prompting from me.

Mom + R

Mom + S

Mom + E

Mom + B

Mom + P

Thanks, Randall family!  You were wonderful and I hope to see you again soon!