Darren + Amanda - Wedding Portraits

The day we'd been waiting and planning for had finally arrived. When we picked up Amanda on the way to the Bountiful Temple, she told us she was so excited, she hadn't slept the night before. Like Christmas. There are so many moments from the day that I'll always treasure and remember that I didn't have the opportunity to photograph, and Amanda's face and excitement as we left the hotel in Salt Lake that morning was one of those moments. The sealing in the temple was beautiful. The crowd buzzing with excitement waiting for them to come out of the temple was fantastic. The heat (96 degrees) was completely unbearable - especially standing next to a giant, white, reflective building - but it didn't matter. The day had finally arrived.

Between my second-shooter and amazing friend Kris and I, there are a LOT of photos. I'll post some of the candids and fun moments later. For now, I just want to post the portraits of Darren & Amanda. Because it was their day.

D+A Bountiful Temple 7

D+A Bountiful Temple 2

D+A Bountiful Temple 8

One crowd shot for now (more later).  Because I like how it turned out.

D+A Bountiful Temple 1

I love the next two photos:

D+A Bountiful Temple 3

D+A Bountiful Temple 4

After a horribly hot hour in the direct sunlight shooting family groups and portraits, we made our way to the parking garage.  I stopped them in the underground hallway on the way to the garage and shot this next one.  I think it's my favorite of the day.  I love their reflection in the glass.  It really represents what the day was about.

D+A Bountiful Temple 5

After they had a chance to freshen up (I'll post some of those pics later too - I got some fun pictures of Amanda and her mom and sisters.), we headed to The Point at Huntsman Cancer Institute for their reception.  It's a beautiful venue, and I can't say enough about how helpful and wonderful the coordinators were.  And of course, I have tons of detail shots.  Which will be posted later.

We went downstairs with the family to take more group shots, and then I had some time to do portraits with just Darren & Amanda.  When talking about ideas for poses and places to shoot, Amanda said she wanted to get lots of green in the portraits.  I think we succeeded...

D+A Reception Portraits 1

D+A Reception Portraits 2

D+A Reception Portraits 3

I was pleasantly surprised with these next two.  We were in some awful sun at a brutal angle.  I took a deep breath and tried to make it work, because I really liked the pillars.

D+A Reception Portraits 5

D+A Reception Portraits 4

Congrats, you two!  I hope you had a wonderful time in Fiji!