Darren + Amanda - Bountiful Utah Temple

As a wedding photographer, I normally would have posted the bride and groom portraits I put up yesterday, called it good, and gone on to the next post. But as a stepmom that also helped plan this whole event, I claim the right to post as many wedding pictures as I want. :) So, here we go. The first of four posts that will go up today.

Bountiful Utah Temple

My fabulous friend Kris Jennings was my second shooter for the day. My original plan was to shoot everything on my own because I didn't want to bother anyone to spend the whole day with me, but I then realized that I needed to be able to be in several sets of shots as a family member, and then the idea of doing portraits and candids like I wanted just became way too overwhelming. Kris did a great job and caught so many moments that I would have missed because I was involved as a member of the wedding party. This temple picture is hers. I love it.  I took some pictures of the Bountiful Temple for my temple series when I was scouting locations the week before the wedding, but the sky was pretty dismal when I was taking my pictures.  I was glad we had a beautiful blue sky that day, though I wasn't so grateful for all the July heat that came with it.

These two are from Kris as well.  And they're just too good not to post.  On the left is Steve, Amanda's awesome stepdad.  On the right is Diggity.  Both exiting the temple foyer doors at completely different times.  They are goofy enough to plan this, but it's even funnier that they didn't plan it.


And in the spirit of my moms-in-photos-with-their-kids mission, I have to post this picture Kris captured:

Me with G-Man

After walking into the lobby to check and see if Darren & Amanda were on their way, I took this photo. We're a camera happy bunch.  Every single person in that front row of people waiting is holding a camera.  And yes, we did have a talk about letting me get the first picture with everyone looking at me.  :)


And finally, the grand exit.

Exiting the Temple

When I asked Kris what her favorite capture was from the day, she said it was this next picture.  She was shooting candid closeups of guests while I was getting ready to take the big group picture and caught this picture of my brother hugging my brother-in-law from behind.  My sister-in-law is 6 weeks away from delivering her baby and since it was so hot, she really wasn't in the mood for one of Matt's hugs.  So Jason was the lucky recipient.

Brotherly Love

I took several group shots without remembering that I had to go get in the picture too.  So, Kris took over the camera for this picture as well.

The Whole Gang

Another great thing about Kris - she's willing to do whatever it takes to get the shot. :)

Not Breaking the Law

We took a lot of family shots, but I really wanted to post these photos of Darren and Amanda with their friends. It was so touching to see how many long time friends - both from high school and from college - traveled to be with them on their wedding day.



Just a few more portraits from around the temple that I didn't post yesterday. I have a lot of favorites. I can't help it.

At the Temple



Temple Hallway

Up next - the wedding luncheon and getting ready pictures.