Darren + Amanda - Reception Portraits

The Point - exterior

We all headed to The Point at Huntsman Cancer Institute to prepare for the reception that night.  As things were being set up, I had all the wedding party and family members gather for some more portraits.


The Girls!

Our Newlyweds

Hipskind/Robison Family

Robison Family

Our Kids

Kids @ Wedding

D & A with parents

B. Family

B. Siblings

B. Gentlemen

D. & Mom

Kris caught another favorite of mine.  I was trying to get G-Man ready to take pictures and he thought it was a fun game to get away from me just as I was about to get his button fastened.

Me with G-Man

And a few more portraits for the bride and groom. Though, they were getting a bit loopy after a long day of wedding festivities...


Two more from Kris. She took these while I was taking other portraits and I love how they turned out.



A close-up from the series with the lamp light above their heads.  I liked it in B&W.

D & A Portrait

And after looking through all the pictures again, I decided I like this photo better than the column photo I posted yesterday.  Love it.

D & A Portrait 2

Last post coming up!  The reception!