Darren + Amanda - Wedding Luncheon

After melting in the heat outside the Bountiful Temple, we drove down the street to the beautiful Eaglewood Golf Course for a luncheon hosted by Darren's parents.


Grand Entrance



After Darren's dad welcomed everyone, and we had our delicious meal, and a short program. Diggity , Diggity's dad, Darren's parents and Amanda's aunt Rachel all gave short remarks. Diggity's dad took some time to talk about temple marriage and the sealing that had taken place that morning in the Bountiful Temple. Amanda's aunt told some fun stories. I can't remember which one elicited this response:

Rachel's Toast

But I really love this photo of Amanda and her mom. I love capturing moments like that.

Diggity was up next and started off with a great story of when he taught Darren and Amanda to drive a stick shift when they were living here in Boston. I love their faces in this photo as they're listening.

Listening to Neal

Darren's mom told some great stories as well. It was fun to hear about him as a child and to get more of a sense of what he was like growing up. Their mutual love and respect for each other is so evident, and it was wonderful to see. G-Man got a little tired of sitting in his high chair during the program. Luckily, his Aunt Emily had some cars in her purse.


Diggity finished up the luncheon with a really nice slideshow he created filled with pictures of the two of them through the years.


After the luncheon, everyone went their separate ways to prepare for the reception that night. I followed Amanda back to their hotel where her mom and other family members were going to help her freshen up for the reception.

Getting Ready

I took the opportunity to get some shots of her beautiful wedding dress from Allyse's Bridal.  This one is my favorite of the edits.


Between shots, I went from room to room to check on things. I went to find G-Man and came upon this scene:

Taking a Break

I guess being the younger brother of the bride is more difficult than I had imagined. He was hanging with Amanda's cousins. Watching Sponge Bob. Eating some yogurt. Chilling out.

I went back to take more pictures and came upon this scene:

Not sure what he's doing...

I think this was an attempt to stand up in the dress while it was hanging to take a funny picture.  I can't say I remember the motive for sure.  :)

Amanda's mom Jennifer helped her get back into her wedding dress and accessories. I really love these.

Mom & Daughter



Lest you think we're a completely sentimental, single-teardrop-streaming-down-the-face, sappy family, I give you this shot of Amanda and Jennifer helping Steve get back into his formal wear:

Helping Steve

I guess we're both - goofy and sentimental.

Jenn & Amanda

Next - Formal portraits at the reception.