Darren + Amanda - Wedding Reception

The Point - interior

First, some details:

Reception Details

Wedding Details

Vendors - Reception Venue: The Point at Huntsman Cancer Institute Florist: Tracy Barlow at The Window Box Cake: Granite Bakery Dress: Allyse's Bridal Invitations and Printed Suite: Papyrus, Macy Robison Photography

The reception began with a receiving line. Just the bride and groom and all the parents. Kris was wandering with her camera while the line was going (she also did a a lot of the detail shots in the collages above) and got some more great photos of the family and guests.

Receiving Line

All the Parents

Diggity & I

The two of us joined forces once the line was over.  It was fun to walk around and photograph all the little interactions taking place.

Wedding Guests

Lovely Friends

Dancing Fun

I love this photo I took of Chris and Heather waiting for the dances to start.  I'm framing it for my family picture wall.

C & H

The first dance.  There were some music glitches because of the sound system/microphone set up in the room, but Diggity the A/V Wizard worked it out and the dance went on.

First Dance

First Dance Laugh

Then, Diggity got a turn with Amanda while Darren danced with his mom.

Dance with Dad

Dance with Mom

Then all the parents and the newlyweds finished the song off.  Kris got some great pictures of all the couples dancing, but I love these two of Steve and Jennifer.

S & J Dance the Night Away

And of course I love this one.

Hilarious Hubby

I thought this photo of Darren's parents as the music was ending was very sweet.


Time for cake!  Knowing these two, I'm sure they had a "no messy cake exchange" agreement well in advance of this event. As you can see, both parties adhered to their side of the agreement.

Cutting the Cake

The staff from The Point took the wedding cake away and brought the groom's "cake" out to tide us over.  A huge pile of eclairs from Granite Bakery.  Eclairs are Darren's favorite.  (Mine too!) And I love the look on Darren's face in the second picture as he is watching the eclairs go by.


I had a blast watching my niece and nephew all night.  They were told by their parents that this already amazing party with Amanda in a princess dress, yummy cake and food was going to become a DANCE PARTY!  The two of them held hands next to the cake table through all the formal dances, cake cutting, and eclair presenting jumping up and down and yelling "Dance party!"

Dance Party!

G-Man was not so sure about the dance party.  He'd been running since early morning at this point and was about finished with the whole thing.

Not Sure about the Dancing

My other nephew was TOTALLY up for the dance party.  He even got Diggity's Aunt Bev in on the dancing.  He and Aunt Bev are old friends from Chris and Heather's wedding in May.  They go way back.

Dancing Machine

The apple does not fall far from the tree.  My brother and sister-in-law love to dance.  Unfortunately, my sister-in-law seems to time her pregnancies so that she is 4-6 weeks from delivery when we have a family wedding and lots of dancing.  It doesn't stop her from dancing, just impedes her amazing technical skill.

Matt & Emily

Another sister-in-law was also hampered in her dancing for the second wedding in a row.  She had surgery on her foot a few days before the wedding. When Chris and Heather got married in May, she had a cast on the OTHER foot.  She had the same procedure done on each foot a couple months apart.  (She was thoughtful enough to get a cast to match the wedding colors for both weddings.) She didn't let the cast or crutch stop her at either wedding.  In fact, I think this is the only time when music was playing that I saw her standing still.

They Like to Dance

And Amanda - she never stands still when there is music playing.  She chose the songs for the dance play list and was out on the floor the entire time.

She Likes to Dance

Dancing was a pretty popular activity that night.  Someone even started a Soul Train line.


Another case of the apple not falling far from the tree...I have as many pictures of Diggity on the dance floor as I have of Amanda.  Here's a little collage of my favorites in tribute.  The bottom picture is my absolute favorite.  It's his go-to facial expression when he's dancing.  I can't see his feet, but I would guess he's doing a ball change.  :) I love it.  And I love you, honey!

My Diggity

Of course, we had a bouquet toss...

Bouquet Toss

Some more dancing and saying farewell to friends and family...

Wedding Guests

Friends from Boston

And as the reception ended, Amanda and Darren made their way to the elevators amidst a flurry of confetti poppers.  (I would like to apologize to the person who had to vacuum afterward.)

Grand Exit

I know I've said this about a lot of the pictures I've posted, but I love these last two. I think I love them because I thought in advance to ask them to kiss as the elevator door was closing so I could get the last shot. And then I actually got the shot I was hoping for.  And Amanda told me today that it's one of her favorites, which makes me very happy indeed.

Made it to the Elevator

Happy Honeymoon!

If you're still here after four posts today, kudos to you!  Great stamina!  Thanks for reading and looking through all the pictures.

And congrats to Darren and Amanda.  We're thrilled this summer brought us two wonderful new family members in Heather and in Darren.  They each make Chris and Amanda very happy and that's all you can hope for, right?