7.16.09 - Mom's Birthday

She would have been 59. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have liked that 59 was going to be her age, but she did love to celebrate on her birthday. This year, we were all in Orem on her birthday, so we celebrated like we have every birthday - wherever we are - since she died. We sent balloons.

The grandkids love it.

I loved watching G-Man and how much he loved it. And it wasn't just about the balloons. He's talked about "Grandma Marsha" ever since. He mentioned her a few times in Utah every time the word "party" or "birthday" came up.  But the first night we were back in Massachusetts and read scriptures as a family, he started talking about Grandma Marsha and her house and the balloons. Diggity and I just looked at each other. Kind of shocked. Not knowing quite what to say. We hadn't mentioned her since the day we let the balloons go. And he brought it up on his own almost two weeks later.

And I really love and appreciate that Super Kimmie is the one that remembers to do all of these things for my mom. She loves us and she understands and we love that about her.

The grandkids on Mom's bench when the balloons were all gone.

We love you.  Happy birthday.  Thanks for the sunset last night - it was awesome.