Cookin' with Grandma Onnie

Sounds like a real TV show, doesn't it? G-Man found Aunt Bev's Mickey Mouse hot pad mitt and insisted on wearing it. (He wears our hot pad mitts whenever I'm cooking or baking.  But ours aren't nearly as fancy.) Grandma Onnie, in her brilliance, helped him do some "cooking."  She's a great sous chef.

At first, he just stirred a spoon around a pot.

Then, Grandma got him some pretzels and the real fun began.  (Look at his face when he sees the pretzels.)

I'm not positive on the recipe, but it seems to go something like this:

1. Scoop pretzels.

2. Dump pretzels in bowl.

3. Repeat.

Then stir until it looks ready.

He just might be the next Food Network Star.