Photo Shoot - Ellis Family

I have some pretty famous cousins. Really.  I do.

Ann Dee Ellis

Ann Dee is one of them.  Her second novel was published earlier this year.  She's amazing.  Check out her stuff.

I exchanged some e-mails with Ann Dee a few months ago.  She wanted me to take some photos of her family.  I was pretty excited because,

1. I like taking photos.

2. Ann Dee and her family are extremely cool and I like to hang out with them.

I was even more thrilled when I showed up to take the pictures, because Ann Dee did a brilliant thing and invited her parents to be part of the photo shoot as well.  It was great to see my aunt and uncle, but I just love that they were there so we could document those relationships as well.

We started the photo shoot at their home.  They are moving to another town soon, so I was glad to start there.  Right on their front porch.

Ellis Family with Grandparents

Grandma & Grandpa


Ellis Family at Home

We moved after that to the American Fork Amphitheater. The local symphony was setting up for a concert that night, so we had to dodge some people, but we ended up with some fun shots of the family. Including the mom/kids shots:

Mom and Boys

Mom & A.

We threw in some dad/kids shots for good measure:

Dad and the Boys

A. and Dad

Dad & V.

And some daughter/parent shots:

With Mom

With Dad

The Toddler formerly known as Mr. Baby got away from us at one point. The rocks at the amphitheater were just too tempting.

Mr. Toddler goes climbing

Ellis B&W

I did a different edit on this than usual. I loved The Toddler's expression. Ellis Color

And I love this discussion I caught while The Toddler was running laps around some trees. My aunt's expression is just so her...

Family Discussion

And finally, I love this last series of A. Especially the last picture.

Mr. A. 2

Mr. A

So sad!

Yes, his eyes really look like that straight out of the camera. No, I didn't do anything in Photoshop to make them look like that, and yes, I am really mean because I keep taking pictures whenever kids start to cry. I love crying shots.

Ann Dee and Family - I loved spending the evening with you guys. I hope you like the pictures.  Can't wait to go to lunch the next time I'm in town.