Photo Shoot - Lewis Family

I was going to post these pictures tomorrow, but I couldn't wait.  I've been excited to show my friend LL how cute these pictures are. We did this photo shoot at their house - aka "The Farm" - right before they left on a family trip.  We've had a very wet summer here in Massachusetts, which has resulted in a lot of greenery.  LL thought it would be fun to show the leaves in New England before they change color.  And they have a beautiful home, so I was excited to shoot there.  I love their front door, so we started there.

Doorstep BW

Lewis Kids

Family on Doorstep

Kids on Bench

Everyone loves the Lewis family.  Everyone.  They love to have fun.  They're always helping others. They're just a great family.

They're also willing to be silly and just have a good time.


Lewis Family Running

I think this next photo is my favorite group shot of the day.


I posted a picture of C making a silly face on my other blog as an entry in the "I Heart Faces" weekly photo contest.  Photography Tip:  If you can't get a kid to smile naturally at you, ask them to make their silliest face.  Then keep shooting when you have them switch back to smiling.  It's a great way to get good smiles. This next shot of C was the one I took right after the photo I entered in the contest.





Naturally, we took shots of LL with each child, and then some pictures of all of them together.  The silly face theme continued...

LL with Kids

Loved this one I took while J was playing on the swingset.  I love taking pictures of kids on swingsets and slides.

J on Different Swing

Lewis Family

The dog was an unwilling participant in the group shots for most of the evening.  But we did get a few good ones - including this one:

Kids with Dog

He was much more willing to pose for his own closeup:


I tried a lot of new things with shooting and processing on this photo shoot, and I've loved a lot of the results, including this next picture.

Family looking up

Fun shot with the kids and dad...

Dad and Kids

I took several pictures of LL and the Farmer on the swing.  Watching them interact was such fun.  The top photo is a capture of a "you had to be there" moment that would take too many words to explain, but looking at the photo just makes me laugh.  And I love the look on LL's face.

And the bottom picture is just so cute I can't even stand it.

LL and the Farmer

Lewis Family - Thank you so much for welcoming me at the Farm.  You're a fabulous family and I hope you love the pictures.