Photo Shoot - Carrie

Carrie is a beautiful, brilliant, delightful young woman.  I've known her since she was 12 - Carrie is a former choir student and voice student of mine and we've stayed in touch since I moved to Massachusetts.  I was so thrilled to do this shoot with her.  I've been wanting to do a photo shoot at Star Mill in American Fork for a very long time, and it seemed like the perfect fit for Carrie.

Carrie 13

Carrie 14

I really enjoyed shooting at Star Mill.  So many locations to choose from!

Carrie 15

Carrie 16

And the bonus of shooting at an antique store - props everywhere!  I love these bike shots.  The bike didn't work so well, but Carrie was a great sport...

Carrie 17

Carrie 19

Carrie is such a doll. Cute, girly and fun.  And brilliant.  She's pre-law and has serious ambition and smarts.

Carrie 21

And the girl can accessorize!  Especially when her favorite color is involved.  We had to get a shot of the sassy pink shoes.

Carrie 20

The owner of Star Mill told us we could shoot anywhere on his property, and this old truck was sitting near the corner of the porch.  So, we used it as a prop as well.  Love the backlight.

Carrie 1

Carrie 2

Carrie 3

There is a lovely wooded area across the street from the mill that is also available for shooting, so we went to check that out as well...

Carrie 4

Carrie 5

A few more favorites...

Carrie 6

Carrie 8

Carrie 9

Carrie 12

Carrie - you are a delight and it was so wonderful to spend time with you.  I hope you (and your mom) like the photos and I really appreciate your patience in waiting to see them!