Photo Shoot - Grandkids, Take 1...

While we were in Utah, all the cousins were together, so we thought we'd get them together and do a photo shoot. It started out well enough. Except that none of them would look at the camera.  And that M. wouldn't even sit down.

The start

We tried to move them to the bridge.  But it went downhill quickly when they discovered the bridge.



On the bright side, G-Man is getting some amazing air with that vertical leap.


More jumping

Then the lack of participation and looking at the camera got kind of ridiculous.

I made another attempt to catch them looking at the water at the edge of the bridge, but that didn't work either.

Endless Entertainment

And then it started to rain and the wind started to blow so hard, it actually broke a branch from a nearby tree. We decided to try another day.

Lessons Learned: 1. Kids don't always behave the way you want them to at photo shoots. 2. You can still get some fun pictures if you set your shutter speed accordingly. 3. You can always reshoot if the pictures don't work out.

I'll post those tomorrow. We got some cute ones.