Photo Shoot - Grandkids, Take 2...

We gave the photo shoot a second go a few days later. It was much better this time. We still had issues getting everyone to smile AND look at the camera at the same time.

Cousins on Bridge

We came close...

Cousins on Bridge 2

This isn't even close, but I love that Miles and Alice are looking at each other.

Cousins on Bridge 3

LOVE this picture. Love it.

Running down path

I find it so hilarious that G-Man and Miles are posing the same way.


Cute individual pictures...(sort of individual...Miles got involved in this first one)

A. Smiling





Miss Macy

I got a couple of shots of these cute sisters before we started their family session...

Macy & Alice

Alice Relaxing

And we finished up with all the kids tackling Grammy. A great day.  (Sorry Kimmie...this is my favorite one.)

Tackling Grammy