Photo Shoot - Blake Family

I was so thrilled to have the chance to photograph the Blake Family at their beautiful home a couple weeks ago.  They contacted me through my website, and it was fun to get to know them and spend time with them and happily discover that we have mutual friends! Presenting....the Blake Family!

Blake Family 3

I love having the chance to do individual portraits with each child. It's fun to see their personalities through the photographs. Since we were at their home, I let each child choose where they wanted their photo taken in the yard. This first photo was taken on the best. rope. swing. ever. (We tried to get some action shots, but it was a little dark with all the lovely New England trees in the backyard.)

Blake Family 15

Blake Family 1

Blake Family 13

Blake Family 9

Blake Family 12

Blake Family 14

I got some fun portraits of mom and dad on the front porch.  These two are my favorite from the series.

Blake Family 8

And, of course, I have to get shots of mom with all the kids.  Dad got in on the portraits with some of the kids as well.

Blake Family 11

Blake Family 6

Blake Family 10

Blake Family 4

Blake Family 7

Blake Family 5

Thank you Blake family!  You are delightful and it was a pleasure to spend a summer evening with you!

Blake Family 16