Photo Shoot - Steuer Family

My BFF Dana had the greatest idea for a birthday gift for her sister-in-law Callie. A photo shoot. Callie's family hadn't had portraits done for several years. For all the normal reasons - no time, don't want to pick out clothes, hassle. So, Dana's gift Dana even arranged the outfits and planned everything out so all Callie had to do was show up looking beautiful. Great gift, right?

We did the shoot at the Steuer's gorgeous lake house north of Portland, Maine. We had a wonderful time making photographs, and extra props to my BFF for assisting in getting everyone to smile at the same time.

Here are my 10 favorites from the day:

Steuer 4

Steuer 5

Steuer 1

Steuer 3

Steuer 18

Steuer 10

Steuer 6

Steuer 16

Steuer 2

Steuer 14

Steuer 17

OK...I chose more than 10.  I couldn't decide.

Thank you, Steuer family. I wish you still lived close so we could see you more often, but I'm so grateful for the opportunities I have to spend time with you guys.