Photo Shoot - Menzie Family

Over Labor Day weekend, we visited Camp Joseph in Vermont with our ward and I was able to photograph our friends, the Menzies. The camp is so beautiful and we thought it would be a great place to take their family photos.

Menzie Family 20

Menzie Family 21

And I loved Rebecca's idea to take photos that would commemorate their family's summer reading challenge. You can read more about their reading challenge here - such a great idea. Rebecca brought many of the books the family read over the summer, and they read as they listened to Wayne read Huckleberry Finn - one of their favorite reading events from the summer.

Menzie Family 19

Menzie Family 18

Menzie Family 17

For each child's individual portrait, I had them bring their favorite book they read that summer.  C. had several favorites.

Menzie Family 14

T.'s favorite was Huckleberry Finn.

Menzie Family 12

G.'s favorite was Otherwise Known as Shelia the Great by Judy Blume.  I do have a shot of her reading it, I just liked these two pictures of her the best.  *grin*

Menzie Family 13

Ca. and W. had the same favorite book.  It was fun to watch each of them read it.

Menzie Family 16

Menzie Family 15

I love these of Rebecca and Wayne.

Menzie Family 5

The Menzies have a fantastic family photo tradition where Rebecca and Wayne sit and let the kids just swarm around them and tackle them.  Such fun.  And you can really see the personalities of the kids and how they all interact.  These are my favorites:

Menzie Family 7

Menzie Family 10

Menzie Family 8

I also took photos of each child alone with Rebecca.  It meant a lot to me for her to have photos with each child, and my face hurt from grinning by the time I was done looking through all the photos.

Menzie Family 6

Menzie Family 4

Menzie Family 2

Menzie Family 3

Menzie Family 1

Thank you so much, Menzies! We love your family and are so glad to know you.