Photo Shoot - Peterson Family

I love this family. I was so excited when they wanted to do a shoot while I was in Utah this fall. We met up at the Star Mill antique store in American Fork on a bit of a windy evening.

C. and N. are such good boys. They were so cooperative and really kind to each other and to their little brother.

Star-Mill-American-Fork 1

Star-Mill-American-Fork 2

The thing that killed me the most on this shoot was the EYES on these boys. Beautiful. They are just unbelievably blue.

Star-Mill-American-Fork 4

Star-Mill-American-Fork 5

Star-Mill-American-Fork 6

Little T. was wearing the coolest shoes.  He thought they were cool anyway.  So cool, that I couldn't get him to look at me to save my life.  No noise, dance, or craziness was going to tear those eyes away from his shoes.  We tried moving him around, and even then, he's still glued to the shoes.  It was hilarious.

Star-Mill-American-Fork 7

Star-Mill-American-Fork 8

Star-Mill-American-Fork 9

Star-Mill-American-Fork 10

The tragically hip, funny and amazing parents took their turn.

Star-Mill-American-Fork 11

Here's proof of how awesome and hilarious these two are.

Star-Mill-American-Fork 21

Star-Mill-American-Fork 14

Star-Mill-American-Fork 15

I really love the pictures from this session, but I have to say, I think these last two are my favorite...

Star-Mill-American-Fork 16

Star-Mill-American-Fork 17

Thank you, Petersons! You're a delight and I hope to see you again soon.

Best, Macy