Photo Shoot - L + A

I love a good love story. And this couple has a great one.  L. is a former co-worker of my stepmom's, and after hearing all about how wonderful L. is, I was so excited to meet these two. Love is wonderful, whenever it arrives.  But I think when it is waited on and really, really's even sweeter.

But that's just my opinion.

But I also think from looking at my favorites from this session, you'll agree that the love these two share together is very sweet. Especially in the photos when they are looking at each other...

L + A - Engagement 1

I think they were wondering about my sanity when I found this field of tall grass.  I've been wanting to take photos in some tall grass for quite some time.  I got a bit excited.  When I saw the pictures on the back of my camera, I was even more excited.

L + A - Engagement 4

L + A - Engagement 5

L + A - Engagement 6

This is one of my very favorites.  I just love the look on L's face...

L + A - Engagement 7

L + A - Engagement 8

L + A - Engagement 9

L + A - Engagement 10

L + A - Engagement 12

L + A - Engagement 14

L + A - Engagement 15

L + A - Engagement 16

L & A - Congratulations! I'm thrilled for the two of you and so enjoyed spending part of such a beautiful morning with you. Wishing you many, many happy years together.

Best, Macy