Photo Shoot - Wood Family

We've had a rainy fall 'round these parts.  I've been pretty lucky where photo shoots are concerned.  Until this one.  We got rained out.  It was an awful day of that gray-sky-rain-can't-make-up-its'-mind drizzle.  So, I had to call the lovely Wood family and reschedule for the following day.

And we had the most glorious weather.  And location.  I love shooting here.

J. found me through some mutual friends, and I'm so glad she did.  Their little family is so much fun.  Here are some favorites from the morning:

W. Family_13

W. Family_14

Little M. and A. are just adorable.  I spent most of the morning laughing at A.  She wasn't sure about warming up to me at first.  Goofball though I am, I wasn't getting the smiles out of her as easily...

Then J., with that infinite mother wisdom, brought out the fruit snacks.  I've never seen a bribe work quite so well.

See for's a shot before fruit snacks are offered (that's A. on the left):

W. Family_15

And now...after fruit snacks:

W. Family_16

I loved it. So cute.

W. Family_17

W. Family_21

M. was a pro at finding the best leaves for me.

W. Family_18

W. Family_5

W. Family_7

W. Family_4

W. Family_3

W. Family_1

W. Family_6

And again, before fruit snacks...

W. Family_19

...and after...

W. Family_20

W. Family_9

W. Family_8

W. Family_10

W. Family_12

Thank you, J & D!  I loved spending the morning with your family.  The girls are delightful, as are the two of you.

Best, Macy