Old Stone Church - October 2009

In the 19th century, the Quinapoxet River joined the Stillwater River to become the southern branch of the Nashua River in the town of West Boylston. Just to the east of the confluence of these rivers was constructed a magnificent stone church.

From 1896 through 1905 West Boylston endured the building of the Wachusett Reservoir and the destruction of its mills and farms. When the Wachusett Reservoir was completed, this impressive Old Stone Church remained standing as the last remnant of the town which was once in the valley, but was now flooded by the new reservoir. (Wikipedia.org)

Old Stone Church & Reservoir

Old Stone Church

Wachusett Reservoir

I love this building.  Since finding it last year thanks to an offhand comment from a neighbor, I have been back several times.  I finally had the chance to shoot the building from the bridge that crosses the reservoir and I was just thrilled with what a pretty day it was.

(P.S. Jenny - this is where I photographed the last shoot I posted.)