School Portraits

I'm a photographer, but I've been a general music and choir teacher for about eleven years. I stopped teaching full time when G-Man was born, but I've been teaching part-time one day a week at Summit Montessori - a fantastic Montessori school in the Metro West area. I've enjoyed the opportunity to teach there, and have appreciated the encouragement the administration and faculty have given me as a photographer. I started out last year taking photos of the kids in the classroom and for school activities just to help keep a record of what was going on during the year. Soon, I was helping design marketing pieces and was contracted to have some of my photos used on the school website. At the end of last school year, I felt confident enough to approach the Head of School with a proposal to allow me to take the school portraits and design the yearbook for the 2009-2010 school year. Thanks to his support, I was able to take those portraits this fall and have been working on editing those photos and filling those orders in addition to the orders from my portrait clients. It's been a wonderful experience. And I'm so grateful to all my school clients and portrait clients for their trust in allowing me to capture their families at this point in time. And I'm very grateful to the parents at school who were willing to not only allow the school to share their student's images, but to allow me to do so as well. Over the next couple weeks, I'll be posting favorite images from the school portrait sessions. I really love these kids. It's such a joy to have the opportunity to teach them.

This first Montessori friend is a delight.  I've taught his brothers as well and they're a wonderful family.  And the eyes!

School Portrait 2

School Portrait 4

School Portrait 5

School Portrait 3