Photo Shoot - Linder Family

Today, some familiar faces. The Linders are such a great family. I've had the chance to photograph them a few times (Like this shoot. And if you're reading this on my blog and not in a reader, you'll see a few Linders popping up on the slideshow at the top of the blog. The photos are from their family shoot last Fall.) We did a fun, typical New England fall shoot last year, so when BFF Dana and I were talking about this year's shoot, she said she wanted to go try a shoot in Boston. Something more urban. Just to try something different. So, we set out to explore the Quincy Market and North End for some fun spots to take photos. As usual, I just love the photos.

Boston Family Portrait 12

Boston Family Portrait 14

Boston Family Portrait 1

Boston Family Portrait 6

Miss Av.

Boston Family Portrait 8

Miss Au.

Boston Family Portrait 11

Mr. C. Boston Family Portrait 10

Miss J. I can't get over how much Miss J. has changed. Here's my favorite shot from our session last year:

And here she is this year:

Boston Family Portrait 9

That little pose on the right is her "Hannah Montana" pose. I asked her to say it to get her to smile, and we got that pose instead. Hilarious.

The cute parents:

Boston Family Portrait 7

Boston Family Portrait 4

Boston Family Portrait 13

I've never taken any mom photos of Dana with the kids, so we took the opportunity to do that: Boston Family Portrait 2

I love this photo of Dana. That is one fantastic jazz hand...

Boston Family Portrait 5

*Updated to add: the jazz hand photo above is not so much a jazz hand photo as Dana's first "mommy" photo with child #5.  I wasn't sure that her pregnancy had been announced to the world, and I didn't want to be responsible for spilling the beans, but Dana already commented and announced it, so in case you don't read the comments, now you know.  *grin*

And this photo is obviously my favorite, since I love capturing personality in photos. There's a whole lot of personality in this one:

Boston Family Portrait 3

Linders - Thanks for another fun adventure! I had a wonderful time hanging out with you, as usual.  Love you guys!



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