Photo Shoot - Landgren Kids

I was so looking forward to this shoot. Not only because I really like the family, but because of the weather and sickness, we've had to reschedule it a few times. We've had outfits planned, location chosen, and I was so thrilled when we had such a beautiful Saturday morning to take photos! J. and Ju. are full of energy and fun! J. is one of my students at school, so it was nice to have an immediate connection with him. And I remember when Ju. was born and can't believe how she's grown. And they both have such cute personalities.

L. Kids 1

L. Kids 2

L. Kids 6

L. Kids 7

They are so cute together. I love this next series of three:

L. Kids 3

L. Kids 5

L. Kids 4

L. Kids 8

L. Kids 9

L. Kids 10

L. Kids 14

L. Kids 11

L. Kids 12

We were ready for Santa hats and lollipops by the end. Are these hats adorable, or what?

L. Kids 14

L. Kids 13

L. Kids 15

Stef - Here you go! I hope you love the pictures. The kids look fabulous, and it was so fun spending the morning with all of you!

Best, Macy

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