More Sledding Fun

It's been great having this much snow with C & H visiting from Texas. They don't get to see much of this fun, frozen stuff. On Monday, we went to a hill we've always wanted to sled on in a nearby town. School is still in session for the surrounding towns, so we had the hill all to ourselves. It was awesome.

Sledding 1

Sledding 2

Sledding 3

"I want to make snow angels!"

Sledding 4

Sledding 5

The ninja sled rider...

Sledding 6

Such a cute group!

Sledding 7

(I would like to note that I did go down on the sled one time. Without snow pants. Well, I had on pants. Just not snow pants...never mind...)

Yes, he really is this much fun.

Sledding 8

The end of the line for the train...

Sledding 9

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