Keri + Jeremy - Boston Massachusetts LDS Temple

Keri + Jeremy - Boston LDS Temple

Keri and Jeremy were sealed in the Boston Massachusetts LDS Temple on a crisp, clear and cold December afternoon. So cold. COLD. Absolutely the coldest day I remember in the years I've lived here. And the most impressive thing? Even the cold could not diminish how excited and happy these two were.

Keri + Jeremy 4

And then, there was the wind. So windy, that we had a little incident.

Keri + Jeremy 5

Yup. That's Keri's veil in the tree. And I have to say, she was a total champion about it. It didn't even phase her for a second. We kept taking photos and put other people to work on solving the problem.

Keri + Jeremy 6

Considering that we couldn't stay outside for more than a couple minutes at a time, we were still able to get some great shots. Here are some favorites, starting with this one of Keri and her sister. It makes me miss my sister...

Keri + Jeremy 7

Keri + Jeremy 8

Keri + Jeremy 9

While we were taking photos around the front of the temple, everyone waited inside the front entrance.  I had to take this next shot because it captures part of our grand picture-taking-in-zero-degree-windchill-cold adventure!

Keri + Jeremy 10

Keri + Jeremy 11

We were able to take a few family groups and portraits inside a small foyer outside the LDS Distribution Center at the temple.  It was nice to take a short break from the cold and use the windows to get some warm portraits of these two!

Keri + Jeremy 1

But then we went back outside for just a few more shots...

Keri + Jeremy 12

Keri + Jeremy 2

Keri + Jeremy 13

Keri & Jeremy - it was a pleasure spending time with you and your families!  You were all a delight and such great sports. I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon and best of luck with school!




Readers - Which shot is your favorite? Do you have a favorite piece of cold weather gear to keep you nice and toasty warm in the New England winters? Did anything memorable (like a flying veil) happen at your wedding or at a friend's wedding?   I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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