Wedding - Alicia + Bryce

Alicia + Bryce

After meeting Bryce and Alicia for their engagement session in Utah, I was looking forward to their wedding at the end of May.  Then, I saw them walk out of the Boston LDS Temple doors...

Alicia+Bryce - 12

...and I was grinning as much as they were. I'm thrilled for all the couples I have the opportunity to photograph on their wedding day, but this was the first couple I had done engagements AND wedding photos for, and I was not prepared for how happy I was going to be for them. It was truly an honor to spend the day with them.

And what a day! After their marriage in the Boston Temple, they enjoyed a luncheon with friends and family and then we headed downtown and explored Boston with Alicia's friends who had gathered from far and wide to celebrate with the two of them. We just missed a torrential downpour, then gathered again at a beautiful home in Belmont for their reception.

Alicia+Bryce - 27

Bryce & Alicia - May the joy you felt on your wedding day be present every day for the two of you. Thank you for the time I was able to spend with you, and I hope your reception in Utah tomorrow night is just as joyous and beautiful as the reception here.

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