Wedding - Rick + Rachel

Rick + Rachel - 5

The morning after Michael & Lisa's wedding, I whisked away to the airport with G-Man and we flew to Northern California to photograph Rick & Rachel's wedding. Though, it was more an awesome party than a traditional wedding. The two of them were married a couple weeks prior to their event, and wanted to have a fun evening together with family and friends to celebrate.

And boy, did everyone celebrate!  I think I have more dance floor photos than I've ever taken before!

My favorite part of the night was Rick and Rachel's first dance. It started out with just the two of them...

Rick + Rachel - 8

And then turned into this...

Rick + Rachel - 11

Their kids came to join them part way through the song, and they finished the dance together. Not many dry eyes around the room when that happened.

Rick + Rachel - 9

Enjoy the rest of my favorite party pics!

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