Photo Shoot - Edwards Family

Edwards Family - 4

I really loved this photo shoot. The parents were great. The kids were cooperative and awesome. And this dog! The most amazing dog I have ever photographed. It's almost as difficult to get a dog to look at the camera as it is to get a toddler to look at the camera - and I have tons of pictures with the dog looking right at the camera. It was astounding.

Edwards Family - 3

Add to all of that my favorite location on a beautiful summer night, and it makes for a really fun shoot. Because the kids are a little older, we walked further into the conservation area than I've ever gone before and were able to find some great new locations. I'd love to hear what you think.

And an extra special thanks to the Edwards family for their patience in waiting for these proofs...with all of the house selling/house hunting nonsense, I'm a little behind on my usual schedule.

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