Photo Shoot - Chipman Family (Part 2)


Sometimes, I don't get the shots I plan on. Sometimes, I'm having so much fun getting other fun shots, I miss out on some family combinations that I really want to get.


And sometimes, I get lucky to have another chance with the same family, at a different location, with a mom who is one of the best photo stylists I've ever met, to take some more fun shots of a family!


When L. and I realized that we didn't get some of the shots we had talked about at their first shoot, she quickly set up some fabulous props in their front yard, and we did a quick photo shoot before the girls got on the bus for school. And I love these photos! I love them because I can see the individual relationships between the girls so clearly.


And we had to get a shot of mom and dad, of course!


On a personal note, I am so grateful to the Chipmans for their help while I was in Massachusetts. They were kind enough to welcome me into their home for the first week of my two-week trip. But after I injured my back and ended up in the ER and was unable to walk for 4 days, they really went above and beyond the call of duty in taking care of G-Man and I and making us feel at home and cared for. And insisted on the two of us staying in their home for the full two weeks. That's just the kind of great people they are.

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