Another New Arrival!

Even with the arrival of our newborn at the beginning of the month, I was still waiting on another arrival.  Though, this arrival has been in the works for much longer than the baby... Then, last week, my cute friend Laurel posted this photo on my Facebook wall:

It had arrived!  My new CD with Deseret Book!  I was so excited to see that it was finished!  The whole process of recording and creating an actual CD has been so wonderful and surreal - recording the CD, deciding on the cover art (featuring one of my favorite photos of G-Man), working on the track names, approving the final layout - it's been exciting and crazy and most of the time, I can hardly believe it is happening.  But it is.  And it's done.  And it's available for pre-order on Deseret Book's website right now!

Or, if you're coming to see me at Time Out for Women this year, the CD will be available at the events as well.

So excited!!! *grin*