On catching up and journals...

First, G-Man wants to wish you a Happy Easter.  

We had the Easter Bunny visit our house yesterday morning.  I loved it.  Love having Sunday to focus on what Easter is all about. Though, next year, we may not have the Easter Bunny deliver all the things that he brought for the kids and that Grammie Bunny left behind when she came to visit.  So. Much. Candy.

Second, a confession: I've never been a great journal keeper. I try. I get motivated every few months to write things down, but then I don't want to lose the record of all the things that happened when I wasn't keeping my journal regularly, so I go back and try to capture everything that I didn't write about before I go on and write about the things that are happening now. Then, I get busy and overwhelmed and I stop. Which is why it's been a small miracle that I've been blogging regularly for the past few years. (Not so much family stuff on this particular blog if you are a look-back-through-the-archives kind of person.  To see that stuff, you have to go here.)

As you may (or may not) have noticed, my regular blogging activities are leaving much to be desired. But, I'm having too much fun holding the baby, and I'm terrible at typing with my nose, so, no blogs.  (I have to say, I've enjoyed watching American Idol just holding the baby this year and not feeling like I have to type every random thought that comes into my brain. But I am loving this season so much, sometimes it's hard to just sit and watch without spewing my opinions into the internets. *grin* I do, on occasion have to resort to Twitter while I'm watching because I can sometimes type with one hand using my phone.)

Over the next few weeks, as I can make the time, I'm going to be doing my regular blogging as well as backward blogging to catch all of the things that have been going on around here.  The backward blogs will have the actual date they happened as much as possible, so don't worry if you see an old date come through on your readers.  You haven't *actually* gone back through time and your computer isn't broken. *grin*

Here's to getting caught up!