Family | Happy Anniversary!

Six years ago today, I was lucky enough to marry my best friend.  As I contemplate the completely miraculous series of events that led us together, I'm so humbled and grateful for the path my life has taken and that we get to continue down the same path together. We've said since we were married that it seems like we've always had each other.  And that's such a comforting way to feel.

(Though according to G-Man, our marriage has had a bigger toll on us physically than we thought.  He looked at our wedding photos on the wall and said, "Mommy! You and Daddy have different faces in this picture! Your faces are different!" Nice.)

This past year has been particularly eventful and crazy and fun. I was looking through some old iPhone photos and was so thrilled to see this pictures reminding me of how we spent our anniversary last year.

We went to Boston Public Gardens and rode the swan boats with G-Man. Of course, we waited until we'd lived in the area for five years and were planning to move soon to do something that is such an iconic Boston activity.

We went to a movie together, and then we went for a special surprise dinner at....



I think my favorite part of the day was seeing how excited Diggity was to see a Raising Canes in Boston.  So fun.

And today, we have a fabulous babysitter and will actually be going to an adult dinner at a restaurant with no kids' menu! Victory!

Happiest of anniversaries, honey.  I sure love you.