Ramblings | Random Stuff

Lately, Facebook (and sometimes Twitter) has been my vehicle of choice for getting my random thoughts out into the world.  It's so quick, and it doesn't involve me typing at a computer.  I have lots of blog posts in the works, but you'll have to wait a little bit longer.  Until then, here are some random thoughts from today... • When I saw this on my weather app today, I felt as though Mother Nature was saying, "Welcome to your first Texas summer, Robison Family! Enjoy!"

So gross.  Yesterday, G-Man was upset because he was "wet all over." He was in the bathroom at the time, and I thought he may have had an accident, but, no.  Just so sweaty he couldn't pull his underwear back up. *sigh*

So You Think You Can Dance (hereafter known as SYTYCD) is excellent so far this season. LOVE the girl dancers.

• As I watched the opening introductions of the dancers tonight, I got a little frustrated when they didn't use their full eight-count in the middle of the stage. There were a few dancers that actually left the center of the stage early. Way before the next dancer was supposed to come on stage.  We want to vote for you and get to know you! Use your full eight-count, people! (I feel like there is a blog post in this somewhere...I'll think on it.)

• Best moment of the day today:

G-Man: (out of the blue from the back seat) *sigh* I just really want to be in the Cupcake Wars. I've never made cupcakes before, but I want to do the Cupcake Wars.

I very nearly died inside trying not to laugh. It was so awesome.  Even better - we went on to have this great conversation about what flavor of cupcake he would bake and how he would make them.  Then he asked me what my cupcakes would be. (His were peanut butter jam, chocolate jam, and strawberry lemonade maker. Mine were red velvet, strawberry cheesecake and lemon. And yes, we did go buy cupcakes this afternoon. I couldn't help it.)

• Though I love that I can fit all the baby clothes into one load in the washer, I absolutely LOATHE folding all those tiny little clothes. I mean, they're cute and everything, but there are so many of them.

• I'm really glad the baby clothes all fit into one load of wash. Our water bill has been absolutely ri-dic-u-lous the last couple of months. Anything we can do to cut back on that, we're willing to try.

• As I look around my house, I'm starting to realize that I could work 24/7 for the next couple weeks and probably still wouldn't finish all the projects I have in process and in the queue.  It's insane. And then there are these children in my house that want to eat.  Most fun - the baby just started solids. Right before we go to Zurich next week.

• I'm so sorry.  I don't mean to sound too complainy. (New word!) My life is fantastic. I'm just overwhelmed because I feel so out of control of each day.  I was really inspired by this post from Courtney (C. Jane) Kendrick this week. (Some other folks were inspired as well.  Check out this post and this post for some more great ideas.) I think that is going to be the key for me this summer - figure out what I can have absolute control over each day, and make sure I do it.