110718-L6Mos_101 * From Lauren's 6 month shoot. Yes, I did start crying when I was reviewing the photos and saw this one.

* On our way to Utah today for my 20-year (gasp!) class reunion. I'm excited to see everyone. Also, I'm singing. It promises to be very interesting. I can't reveal my plan, but I will say that I will have no pride left whatsoever if I follow through with my plan.

* Blogging has been non-existent because: 1. My kids are fun to play with. 2. I've been painting L's nursery. 3. I've been sewing the quilt, bumper pads, crib skirt and other stuff for L's nursery. 4. While I was at it, I thought it would be a great idea to repaint the rocking chair for her room a different color. 5. I started a new weight-loss regimen - and it's working. (14.2 pounds down! Wahoo!) 6. I decided I'd better start sleeping at night. 7. It's kind of hot here in Austin, and it has affected my attitude to the point that if I don't feel like doing something, it doesn't usually get finished. (dishes? meh. cleaning my office? nope. playing with my kids on the floor under the ceiling fan? yup.)

I'm hoping to improve, and perhaps get a blog schedule going while I'm in Utah with no sewingpaintingphoto craziness to keep me away from my computer. But I'm not going to promise. *grin*